Dr. Tapolyai’s private medical clinic for internal medicine and nephrology

Expert opinion and consultation at Dr. Tapolyai’s private medical practice in the vicinity of Budapest or Vác.

If you were advised of a medical intervention or treatment that causes you to worry and makes you anxious and you would like to have a second opinion from someone with an American background in training and practice yet familiarity of the Hungarian medical environment then you are most welcome in my clinic. I can also give you advice regarding renal replacement therapy (dialysis) whether or not you may be in need thereof; I can also give you advice on hard to treat hypertension. We can perform 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM).

Tapolyai Mihály


By bus: any bus going to Vác or further North, get off at the City Hall, we are located right across to it.

By car: leave Budapest on Váci út North, towards Vác, and there is a drive way across city hall with a parking lot behind the building.

By plane: LHDK Dunakeszi, runway 11-29 (grass), elevation 420 ft., frequency: 129.79

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